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Current and former Boy Scouts lead NYC Pride march

Participation ‘emotional and bittersweet,’ says Cub Scouts leader

A group of 12 former and active members of the Boy Scouts of America participate in New York Pride to celebrate the inclusion of gay youth in the organization and to protest the ongoing ban against gay adult members. Credit:

More than a dozen current and active members of the Boy Scouts of America led thousands of participants in the New York City Pride march Sunday, June 29, a move made to hail the organization’s decision to include out gay young people but also to lodge a protest against the ongoing ban against gay adults.

According to BuzzFeed, Brooklyn Cub Scouts leader Crystal Bueno described their participation as “emotional and bittersweet.”

Bearing a sign that read, “88 year old Boy Scout leader kicked out for being gay,” David Knapp told BuzzFeed he’s been in a struggle with the Scouts for years after being outed when he was a volunteer and dismissed from council.

Knapp said it was a “fantastic” experience to lead the march.