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Customers defend gay couple against bigot

Just when you think everyone in the world sucks, something happens that restores your faith in humanity.

Or at the very least, pizza lovers.

Joel Diaz, a gay man who works for AIDS Resource Center Ohio, was waiting in line with his friend at a local food truck for a slice of pizza. It’s winter, it’s cold, so the two huddled a bit for warmth. That’s when someone in the lineup told them to “cut the gay shit."

And that’s when a night that could’ve been ruined by a small and stupid comment was made better.

Image via Gawker

Patrons and staff of the food truck lambasted the individual who had made the comment, and the man was refused service. He eventually left, without his pizza.

Diaz penned a blog post for The Huffington Post about his experience. You can read it here

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