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Cyndi Lauper to play free concert at Toronto Pride

Gay icon Cyndi Lauper is set to play a free concert at Queen’s Park on Sat, Jul 3, Pride Toronto announced today. 

"It’s an honour to always have the genuine affection of the gay
community,” says Lauper in a press release from Pride Toronto. “They have never turned their back on me, and I
will never turn my back on them. We’ve had a long and enduring love

Xtra caught up with Lauper in 2008, around the release of her latest album Bring Ya to the Brink:

"Lauper has always been a vocal proponent of queer rights — perhaps a
logical outgrowth of support for her lesbian sister. Lauper is
passionate about the need to raise queer rights in the public sphere
and knows full well that music is a unifying force in the world. But
the fight south of the border is a much tougher slog. When asked why
Lauper is honest and direct: “I don’t know, hon. You could still be
fired from your job in 31 states if you’re suspected of being gay,
bisexual or transgendered. So I mean, things are hard right now. I
don’t know what our story is [in America], but I think… lack of
information…? I really don’t know.” Read the full Xtra piece

In 2007, Lauper created the True Colors Tour, which raised funds for queer organizations. This year, she’s a spokesperson for MAC Viva Glam, a campaign that raises funds for people living with HIV/AIDS. 

Watch the video for her 2008 single, “Into the Nightlife":

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