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Da da Dadabase

Ignacio Corral's store explores art, fashion & technology

Credit: TJ Ngan

Michael Venus: So Ignacio, give me the 411 on where you work and what you do in Vancity.

Ignacio Corral: Dadabase is a store that combines three things that are not supposed to be together in one small space. Art, Fashion and Technology. The mixture of these three things makes Dadabase special. We also try to promote local and international Canadian culture.

MV: Tell me more about your line of clothes, Government.

IC: Government is a provocative line that integrates graphic design and art. Taking inspiration from different uniforms and governmental icons around the world, it’s very global and sexy. It brings a natural attention to the person that wears it. The line is also available at Bruce and Global Atomic designs.

MV: Who are you collaborating with at Dadabase?

IC: Mo and I are both artists, and always wanted to do something that would help us to combine and complement our ideas. We also have a very similar taste in things (and people), and similar goals. Opening Dadabase allowed us to integrate some of our passions in the same space.

MV: How long have you been a Vancouver scenester for?

IC: I’ve been living in this neighbourhood for eight years now, so I belong here. Eight years ago, Main and Broadway wasn’t that thriving and cool, so seeing it change and prosper makes me proud of being part of this change. The possibilities of this side of the city are endless because the neighborhood is filled with young and creative people expressing themselves and trying to make this neighbourhood one of the most interesting places in Canada.

MV: What kind of guys turn your crank?

IC: I like a lot of different people. I can find beauty in anybody. Lately I have been getting interested in Arab men. Their beauty, their passion, so similar to Latin Americans but so different at the same time.

MV: What does the naughty side of you get off on?

IC: I love getting off while I’m French kissing someone that I like! I have lots of fetishes. I’m a fetishist! I love porn. I don’t have much time to watch it now, but I love it! I try to break any taboos that are imposed by religious groups and closed-minded people. Fascism is not good for you!

MV: What do you have planned for the future?

IC: Achieving tons of success for Government and Dadabase!