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Daily Roundup: A boy can dream

Okay Twilight fans, stop hyperventilating over tomorrow's release of New Moon and please explain something to me.  You've got the half-naked wolf pack and sexy costars Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz pretending to be lovers in front of the cameras:

With all that eye-candy, why then does everyone focus on spindly bedhead boy Robert Pattinson?  I mean, good Liza, have you seen the magazine racks this week?  He's on every cover!  And you know it's getting bad when you spot this next to Macleans:

Looks like I'm not on Team Edward.  But then what do I know?  I look at this new video from goofy power-poppers Valley Lodge and dream of furniture better than my Ikea:

Well, maybe some fantasies are better left alone.  Kind of like how Utah Senator Chris Buttars just used the right-wing's favourite paging-Doctor-Freud catchphrase:

"I don't mind gays. I just don't want 'em stuffin' it down my throat all the time."

Ahem.  I guess he's more of a Jacob man.

But for a fantasy world you'd really want to live in, we turn again to Dolce and Gabbana, the only men brazen enough to use a threeway to sell watches:


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