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Daily Roundup: Fortune favours the bold

You just have to admire people who really put themselves out there — people like Robert Vézina, founder of Montreal's Black and Blue festival, or out gay actor John Barrowman, who's traded in his action hero Torchwood coat for something a little more glamourous in a new UK production of La Cage Aux Folles:

Hey, it worked for Patrick Swayze!

There's always a risk, however — go too bold and you get the seemingly crazy decision to make a sequel to Showgirls(!!!) or the way The Onion's latest parody of homophobia flirts uncomfortably with being the real thing. (Still, I could never stay mad at the Onion — they had me at "cock magnet!")

But no, none of this praise of boldness can include that awful stunt by Stephen Harper
we're still reeling from days later.  While it certainly had the
election-friendly result of making him appear to be a biological human,
can we ever forgive Yo-Yo Ma?