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Daily Roundup: Go blue or go home

"By hook or by crook, we will…"

You know you've got some genuine propaganda-with-a-capital-P when even the National Post notices that the Tories' new guide to Canada for immigrants leans to the right.  The new guide, says John Ivison, is "yet another incremental step in the re-branding of Canada into a
conservative country, full of people more inclined to vote Conservative."

But Ivison hasn't seen the original draft, which blogger Robert McClelland was kind enough to dig up for us:


Hello, new Canadian — welcome to the Village:

Sunday's big TV event features the delightful irony of watching right-winger Jim Caviezel and gay-rights activist Ian McKellen swapping their usual ideological roles in a redo of the classic fable of the individual vs. the state.  It's almost enough to keep me away from Lady Gaga on 'Gossip Girl' this Monday. But whether you spend it in front of the tube or not, have a great weekend!  Be seeing you…

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