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Daily Roundup: Halloween comes early

After my Chris Skinner rant yesterday, it's horrifying to see that even a gay cop isn't safe from what feels like a new epidemic of gaybashing. But as US religion writer Chris Hedges points out, the hate crime legislation gay activists have fought for is coming with an awful price — the continuation of the war in Iraq.

But then, as a disturbing letter sent to gay blogger Andrew Sullivan notes, the Catholic Church in Guam is actually cheering on Islamic terrorists because they hate gay people too. And to think religious types complain that gay people are the intolerant ones because we get a laugh out of Jesus underwear:

We love to make fun but the scary part is that religious conservatives are always organizing, fundraising and cranking up the anti-gay rhetoric.  We saw last week how US conservatives are targeting Obama's "safe schools czar," out educator Kevin Jennings but nothing could prepare us for this piece of video nasty:

That's even creepier than Scientology (not that you need any more evidence of that) but in an incredible surprise, Canadian-born Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis has all but declared war on the cult by quitting Scientology over its homophobia:

"The church’s refusal to denounce the actions of these bigots,
hypocrites and homophobes is cowardly. I can think of no other word. 
Silence is consent…I refuse to consent."

Who knew the creator of Due South would end up a bigger hero than his own noble Mountie?

That little glow of patriotism may have been snuffed out, however, in anyone who watched the new CBC National last night as they tried to emulate CNN and Anderson Cooper in the biggest case of bad timing on TV.

There's a scary media quote in the purchase of by Here Media Inc., owners of a US gay TV channel and magazines like OUT and The Advocate. CEO Stephen Jarchow now says, "We
own pretty much the entire media for the gay marketing space."  I think
this makes alternative papers like Xtra all the more important but I'll
also hedge my bets by pointing out how good you look with that tie, Mr.

And as Halloween approaches, are you longing to carve a pumpkin in the shape of True Blood vampire Bill Compton?  Well, now you can:

But for a really creepy costume this Halloween, I'm going as the Twitter page of NFL player Larry Johnson

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