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Daily Roundup: I can’t afford the time

Whew!  Back after an annoying absence yesterday — one made all the more unfortunate by being beaten to the punch in posting that wondrously bizarre new Lady Gaga video (yours after this column!)  Yes, this round goes to the mighty Brent Creelman, lightning with the headlines!

Still, I'm glad I had a bit of time to take a shower after reading a National Post column on the lawsuit over the Canadian Blood Services ban on gay men (as always, it's the comments section that really makes a girl feel special). A 32-year ban is ridicuous, says Marion Kilgour, let's just go for five.  Hurry, Marion!  The point went that way but it won't get far on foot!

But personally, I'm delighted I can't give blood.  Needles are icky!  Between government policies like this and organized religions that paint gays as monsters, I have no shortage of people telling me not to waste my time doing anything noble or selfless, like giving away my organs or fighting in a war or caring for children.  More time for mojitos and manicures!

Now I won't have to spend my time turning Disney tunes into activist anthems:

See what I mean?  Activism just seems exhausting!  And being the kind of vapid fag Kilgour assumes I am ("there are gay men out there who are militant about safe
sex" — imagine!) would give me more time to hang out with Scott Herman, YouTubing personal trainer, avowed heterosexual and welcomed blood donor.

But then….well, I don't know.  As much as I want to adore his boyish good looks, his geek-on of comic books and his adorably clumsy attempts at gay-friendliness, can you make it all the way through his "funny story" here?  Or even three minutes in?  Try it and see:

Yeah, mojito or no, I think I'll have to side with Kyle Freeman and keep making noise.  Besides, when the target is that perennially dreadful "traditional marriage" advocate Maggie Gallagher, activism can be fun!  Especially when it involves a wig and buckets of snark:

Genius!  She's no Lady Gaga but hey, give her time!

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