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Daily Roundup: Mom’s a lesbian!

For those of us (ahem) of a certain age, we spent a good chunk of time with our TV mom, Meredith Baxter on Family TiesThis morning, she told the Today show that she's gay.  Reached for comment from his office at Goldman Sachs, son Alex P. Keaton refused but is said to be devastated.

Meanwhile, in the real world (or at least, our shaky grasp on it), actor Rupert Everett popped up again to tell Baxter she's made a big mistake.  Oh Rupie, you scamp, don't ever change!

And seriously in need of a hug from mom today are the members of former Canadian boy band B4-4, who got a drubbing from the Dlisted site they won't soon forget.  Ouch!  Even Mallory would never be that cruel!

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