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Daily Roundup: Music to my ears

As the same-sex marriage debate heats up in Washington DC, New York blogger Joe Jervis posted some hilariously awful footage of one particular Bible-thumping loon and said:

"Yes, she is horrible, but I don't know when I've laughed so hard. Somebody please remix this lady."

Well, I'm no DJ, Joe, but — with huge, huge apologies to the Pet Shop Boys — here's mine (turn on the annotations for the amazing Gallery Guy):

Yeah, I'd best leave the mixing up to the professionals, like Canadian electropop group Dragonette, who recently squeezed into a little CBC Radio studio to perform a number:
In other music news, out American Idol Adam Lambert just revealed the cover art for his forthcoming CD:

He's certainly getting a reaction. The Queerty blog yelled, "We love you Adam, but no. NO. NO!"  Entertainment Weekly said, "it’s a little more, um, out there than the pensive-yet-ultimately-benign images we’ve come to expect from Idol runners-up."

Many others have pointed out the obvious glam links to early David Bowie and/or Michael Jackson but let's face it — your average Wal-Mart shopper is going to see only this:


But hey, it's no more outré than the great gay T-shirts American Apparel is now selling.  Lambert deserves a big pat on the back for putting himself out there like that — hopefully his sales won't be as disastrous as the movie that will carry his theme song:

And finally, no music Roundup would be complete without this ridiculous number from The Brave and the Bold, the new Batman cartoon that, in last week's (musical!) episode, featured Neil Patrick Harris as the villain.  For geeks and show queens alike, it's purrrr joy!

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