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Daily Roundup: The bitch is back

Gay political pundit Andrew Sullivan got so worked up over yesterday's release of Sarah Palin's memoirs, he stopped blogging.  I can totally relate — I had to stop the Roundup for a day or two there to prepare for Amanda's return to Melrose Place last night:

No, in truth, our absence this week was due to something even bitchier — a suprisingly nasty computer virus that, after two weeks, went rogue like Palin, seen here attacking her former potential son-in-law Levi Johnston for his eagerly awaited Playgirl spread this weekend:

Watching her say "porn" with as much acid as she can drip from her fangs makes me laugh as hard as I did over a recent study that the Catholic Church paid over $2 million for — a study to prove that their child molestation scandals were caused exclusively by gay men, a study that proved exactly the opposite.  There'll be few extra collection plates being passed around this Sunday.

Sorry Sarah, but we'll be checking out Playgirl this week and, in a shocking twist, Playboy. They've got a fun feature on the How I Met Your Mother gang, featuring new Twitterer Neil Patrick Harris:

Let Palin be as cold as Alaska itself while she's out flogging her book — we'd rather pay attention to the sunny queens of Bondi Beach, Australia:

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