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Daily Roundup: The closets are empty

"Is anyone left in the closet?"  That's the question Xtra's own Brent Ledger is asking today and this past week is answering "no."

It seemed like coming out was just for TV stars but now we're seeing a broader range of guys joining our team.  Let's welcome…

Donal óg Cusack

Cusack is a high-profile goalie in the Irish game of hurling (which, I'm told, has nothing to do with too much Guinness). He's put up with a lot of abuse since his announcement this week but says, "fools with megaphones or
runny mouths just don't count."  

Malcolm X

This is actually the second posthumous outing of the black rights icon by UK gay activist Peter Tatchell, trying again after the deafening sound of crickets following his 2005 declaration.

Robert Mormando
No photo for this brave man — he's a mafia hit man who came
out during his court trial this week
.  I admire his courage in ratting out the mob and hope that his next pair of shoes are
Prada and not cement!

Ewan McGregor

Okay, he didn't actually come out but merely (and refreshingly) declared that, unlike those tedious straight actors who expect Purple Hearts for doing gay love scenes, he "quite liked" kissing Jim Carrey in their upcoming movie.  Coming from a guy who's made out onscreen with Christian Bale, Jonathan Rhys Meyer, Douglas Hodge and Yoshi Oida, McGregor's had more action than Tom Cruise!

But our favourite coming out story comes from Chicago boy Ronnie Kroell, featured on the terrific site I'm From Driftwood:

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