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Daily Roundup: Turn it up loud

C'mon, everyone else is posting this clip — why can't I? It's genius!

As delightful as the Muppets are, however, they're only reminding us — especially in the wake of all the fuss over Adam Lambert this week — that Freddie Mercury was an incredible talent, a gay icon not so easily replaced. Even in this late-career foray into dance music, who else could carry off these harlequin pants?

Big, big shoes to fill but Lambert can do it if he just stays true to himself and what he wants.  That's the only thing that'll work — even in hockey, where everyone is buzzing about Brendan Burke, the son of Toronto Maple Leaps manager Brian Burke, and his public coming out:

It's a lovely story and one that will hopefully get louder as more players follow his example and message.

But for the message I hope is loudest, I turn to the great British writer, actor and comic Stephen Fry, who took part in a BBC debate entitled, "Is the Catholic Church a force for good in the world?"  Fry's emphatic "NO" not only sealed this debate but frankly, any.  If you've got ten minutes, here's a speech you won't soon forget:

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