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Daily Roundup: TV is so gay!

Wow! An anti-gay protest group is sponsoring a massive boycott of Pepsi for "condon[ing] bestiality, gay orgies and babies eating sperm."  And to think we were avoiding the cola for being full of sugar!

Turns out though, all that filth was merely in a cartoon — a Pepsi-sponsored episode of Family Guy (yawn) — and they're late to the party anyway.  There are more gay characters now than ever — on broadcast networks as well as cable — and we're getting scenes like this on a weekly basis:

Of course, it's Glee that's become the breakout hit this season and while we loved last night's boys vs. girls numbers, it's co-star Chris Colfer who's getting all the attention. He's followed up his character's coming out two weeks ago with one of his own:

As if we didn't love him on the show enough already!

But while I'm doling out the TV love today, allow me to celebrate an unsung hero.  In all the fuss over David Letterman's sex scandal (there's a phrase I never imagined I'd type!) or Jay Leno's takeover of the 10pm slot, no one really talks about the funniest, gay-friendliest late-night comic of all — Craig Ferguson, host of The Late, Late Show.

Ferguson has teased about his own orientation and introduced us to his bizarre gay puppet show but nothing, not even the campy musical numbers on Glee, could ever prepare one for Craig and the Craigettes:

Now that is great television!  All we need now is for Tyson Leitso to tell Erica he's really into guys and we'll never have to touch that dial.

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