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Daily Xtra moves to ‘straight news only’ format

Gay publisher to embrace straights, forget gays

The following press release was issued today by Pink Triangle Press. Daily Xtra will be reporting on the story later today and in the days ahead.

(Toronto) — Pink Triangle Press (PTP), Canada’s leading gay and lesbian publisher, today announced a major strategic repositioning to focus entirely on stories pertaining to straight men.

As a result, next week PTP will cease all reporting on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer news, views, arts, culture and events to instead focus solely on news and issues of interest to heterosexual guys.

The all-straight direction is the result of an eight-month strategic-assessment process senior management at PTP began in spring 2014.

“PTP has survived for more than four decades because it has not been afraid to innovate in the way we earn our money and deliver our message. Over the years, Xtra took over from The Body Politic, Squirt replaced Cruiseline and dailyxtra.com supplanted xtra.ca,” says Matthew DiMera, Daily Xtra’s managing editor in Toronto.

In addition to our ongoing commitment to breaking news and to publishing original columns and blogs, Daily Xtra will introduce exciting new content to our ever-expanding website, such as:

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