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Daily Xtra’s most read national Canadian stories of 2015

From Chris Hyndman to John Baird, to polyamorous women, and more

1. In his popular weekly column Hole & Corner, Mike Miksche enthusiastically rediscovers the world of urban gay cruising, from porn cinemas to leather bars, from dungeon parties to glory holes.


2. As an openly married gay couple and popular daytime television personalities, Chris Hyndman and Steven Sabados brought a new visibility to mainstream culture. Originally known as the Designer Guys, they’d been hosting Steven and Chris on CBC since 2008, where they presented design, style and cooking tips. Hyndman’s sudden death in August shook many people, and inspired this guest column from Sky Gilbert.

(Vivienne McMaster photo)

3. In May, researcher and author Jillian Deri released an insightful study on non-monogamy called Love’s Refraction, otherwise known as: How polyamorous queer women really cope with jealousy.

(World Economic Forum/ Jolanda Flubacher)

4. In February, foreign affairs minister John Baird’s sudden resignation after 20 years in politics made headlines, as did a memo from CBC’s managing editor to his staff advising them to “stay away” from any speculation about Baird’s personal life.


5. Daily Xtra readers seemed to appreciate our immediate tally of openly LGBT politicians headed to Ottawa after the October federal election. Led by veteran gay MP Scott Brison, above, the Liberals set a new record in their own caucus, but the House of Commons lost several openly gay and lesbian NDP MPs to the Liberal sweep.

6. With intelligence, insight, warmth and humour, Daily Xtra columnist Devon Delacroix brings readers a candid look at his life as a sex worker, in his monthly column Hard Labour


(United Church of Canada)

7. In July, as Reverend Gary Paterson’s home congregation prepared to host a SpiritPride conference in Vancouver, the head of the United Church of Canada described sexuality — including gay sexuality — as a gift from God.

8. As 2015 came to a close, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that he would again march in the Toronto Pride parade in 2016, making him the first sitting prime minister of Canada to do so.

9. In December, Daily Xtra brought readers the troubling story of Rolston Ryan, a gay Caribbean man Canada wants to deport.

10. As the new Liberal government began to welcome refugees, Daily Xtra looked into the Refugee Appeal Division’s record on gay cases, and found some decisions relied on contradictory, absurd or just plain illogical expectations for gay men, lesbians and bisexuals seeking asylum.