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Daily Xtra’s most read Vancouver arts & scene stories 2015

A gay pas de deux, an all-femme choir, and more

1. Comedian Ryan Steele’s Stefon-esque take on club XY’s then-imminent arrival, above, made a splash in the Davie Village scene in June. 

2. Filmed locally in North Vancouver, The Switch is poised to break new ground in trans representation on TV when it debuts in early 2016. Created largely by trans people and starring a mostly trans cast, the sitcom promises to tell trans stories in ways they’ve never been told. Watch our video on The Switch above.

(Theatre Outré)

3. Theatre Outré and its creator Jay Whitehead are turning Lethbridge — a southern Alberta city with a major Mormon population — into an unexpected focus of gay culture on the Prairies. In December, they brought UNSEX’d (above) to Vancouver, at the invitation of our local frank theatre.

4. As Daily Xtra’s listings guru in Vancouver, Tom Coleman (above) never misses a week with his event picks, even when he’s on his honeymoon! His weekly suggestions of places to gather, shows to catch and people to watch regularly help readers find community.

(Femme City Choir)

5. In June, we introduced readers to Vancouver’s all-femme queer choir, which celebrates femme-ness through shared song.

(Hannah Ackeral photo)

6. In October homeless and street-involved youth presented a play they helped write about their life on the streets. Trinity, left, directed Death in a Dumpster, and Kali, right, played a First Nations, trans sex worker.


(Alice Pennefather photo)

7. In June, a ballet choreographed by Josh Beamish featured a romantic male-male duet rarely seen in dance. Burrow starred Nicol Edmonds and Matthew Ball from London’s Royal Ballet, above.

(Kiss & Tell)

8. This year’s Queer Arts Festival celebrated the 25th anniversary of Kiss & Tell’s groundbreaking lesbian photo exhibit, Drawing the Line, by inviting attendees to ponder where we draw our lines today around sex and censorship.