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Dan Savage on queer sex ed

Show of hands: did anyone go to a school that included LGBT issues in their sexual education?

Actually, you know what? Show of hands: did anyone have an even halfway decent sex-ed class growing up, or did you get a rehashed, drawn-out version of the birds and the bees? Because I went through it a couple years ago, and I can say with all accuracy that it was bad. Real bad. It didn’t help that due to pressure from the school board, our teacher had to refer to the penis and vagina  as “the man column and lady cubby.” It wasn’t great is what I’m saying.

Dan Savage is fully aware of this, and in a new video for Take Part, he lays down the case for educating LGBT. Kids need to be taught about this shit in a way that’s honest and mature before they end up diving headfirst into something they don’t know anything about. 

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