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Dan Savage on the hypocrisy of the Bible

If you’ve ever read the Bible, you’ve probably figured out by now that it’s . . . Oh, how do I sugar coat this nicely? Well, the Bible has certain parts that are kind of crazy. Like, the kind of crazy that, if you pointed it out to an actual Christian, would make them go, “Oh, holy shit, THAT’S what I believe in?"

I know that sounds unfair, but that’s actually happened many times in the past when I’ve spoken to other Christians. Go figure.

Recently, Dan Savage spoke at a high school journalism conference where the topic of queer youth suicide came up. Dan basically told everyone that most, if not all, of these suicides stemmed from gross misinterpretations of the Bible by assholes who pick and choose choice quotes from the Good Book for the sake of validating their hatred.

Of course, some people didn’t take the frank and accurate appraisal of the Bible all that well and walked out on the conference. We’ll just call them “future Fox News employees.” Admittedly, I can see why they would be offended, but as I’ve always said, it’s easier to be offended than it is to think. That’s why the internet has comment sections. But the thing is, if these kids who walked out actually thought about what Dan said, they probably would have realized he was right.

Did he maybe word it in a strong way? Yes, he did. But if a stern talking to and brutally honest look at your own belief system might prevent a kid from killing himself, then maybe it would be for the best if you sit down and practise a little introspection rather than assuming that it’s never your fault.

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