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Dan Savage vs Brian Brown: the dinner table debate

A couple months ago, sex expert Dan Savage and traditionalist Brian Brown got into a war of words after Dan told a room full of journalism students that, horror upon horrors, not everything in the Bible is necessarily right and that being anti-LGBTQ isn’t an integral facet of being a good Christian. Brown went on the attack, calling out Savage for a good ol’-fashioned debate.

Dan Savage accepted.

Cut to this morning, as the ensuing dinner table debate between Savage and Brown made its way onto YouTube. If you have an hour free, I would recommend giving it a look. It’s a fascinating, well-reasoned debate, and Savage makes some great points about reconciling religion with ever-changing views and breakthroughs in science and understanding. And it’s nice to see that two people who disagree completely can be civil with each other, even when dealing with hot-button issues.

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