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Dance Dance (Office) Revolution

If you’re an office gopher looking to escape the doldrums of your standard lunch hour, shimmy on down to Sparks St, Thursday, Aug 23.

Natalie Fraser and Meena Rajulu have organized a massive lunchtime dance party to lift spirits dampened by over-conditioned air and whiteout.

The dance-minded duo were the recipients of a $1,000 Awesome Ottawa grant to stage the party. Fraser told the foundation’s members that the unconventional event is meant to add some spice to Ottawa office workers’ bland routines. 

"Dance Dance (Office) Revolution will break your solo lunchtime routine and get you out into the city for a dance party. This will be your most important business meeting of the week,” Fraser says.

Office dance parties have become popular in Sweden, and Fraser and Rajulu say this is our city’s chance to become a Canadian trendsetter.

The party will take place at noon in front of the CBC building on Sparks St. In the event of rain, the party will be moved to Aug 30 .

Awesome Foundations can be found in cities across the globe. Each chapter is headed by a group of trustees who donate $1,000 to finance flashes of micro-genius. If you think you have an awesome idea, apply for a grant.   

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