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Dance offbeat with The Queer Mafia

And other events in Ottawa for May 19–31, 2016

Those queers who feel uncomfortable at just about every other club or bar event will probably get along well at The Queer Mafia’s dance party. Credit: Alexandre Brault

Saturday, May 21

(Alexandre Brault)

Offbeat: Strictly Dance

Those queers who feel uncomfortable at just about every other club or bar event will probably get along well here — at least if they enjoy hip hop. Presented by The Queer Mafia, this party feature the music of DJ Kitty Funk. Some of the proceeds will be split between Ten Oaks Project and the Ottawa Wolves.

10:30pm. Babylon Nightclub, 317 Bank St. For more info, visit Facebook.

Sunday, May 22

Hoops and Homos

The sun is sunny, the air smells airy, and the plants are remarkably more planty than in previous months. Yes, it’s summer. It’s not coming soon; it’s now. And it’s time for all the hibernators to get the hell outside and stretch those queer hamstrings. Queering 613 hosts a basketball, frisbee and food-filled afternoon in the park.

1–4pm. Laroche Park, 52 Bayview Rd. For more info, visit Facebook.

Thursday, May 26

Swirl and Twirl

Every year, the community eats and drinks and schmoozes, and just generally acts all fancy in benefit of various queer organizations and charities. This year’s event features live jazz by the Nick Gummeson Trio and some musical numbers by Toto Too Theatre. Proceeds go to Capital Rainbow Refuge, Ottawa Senior Pride Network and Ten Oaks Project.

7–10pm. Horticulture Building, 1015 Bank St.

In Times of Trouble

Martha Chaves is a very lovely woman. Like, probably lovelier than you, and definitely lovelier than me. And she’s funny — she’s a comedian and actor — and she has this play called In Times of Trouble. It’s about her life, and coming out to her ultra-religious family, and other things. With the help of Toto Too Theatre, the production has come to Ottawa.

Runs until Saturday, May 28, 7:30pm. Live on Elgin, 220 Elgin St.

Friday, May 27

Queers and Beers

Straight people are just awful — they even ruined beer. This event is all about queers travelling from venue to venue to drink craft beer and play games and leave hints of glitter all over the place. Presented by Queering 613, it’s super inclusive, and probably very sweet with people nuzzling each other with the noses and whatnot.

6pm. Gainsbourg, 9 Aubry St, Gatineau. For more info, visit Facebook.

Monday, May 30

OSPN Bowling

It doesn’t take much skill, but it’s always fun, and there’s something joyous about the clatter of tumbling pins and the weirdness of wearing shoes only 1,000 people (at least) have worn before. Folks 50 years and older and their allies bowl a few frames at this recurring bowling event for seniors. For more information, contact

6:30pm. West Park Lanes, 1205 Wellington St W.