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Daniel Dale drops lawsuit against Rob Ford after second apology

On Dec 17, Rob Ford tried — unsuccessfully — to apologize to Daniel Dale for comments he made to Conrad Black in their now infamous interview. Dale, none too happy with the way Ford half-assed his mea culpa, declared that he would continue forth in his lawsuit against Ford.

But lo, a miracle did happen: after having been visited by three ghosts in the middle of the night, Ford realized the error of his ways and issued an actual apology. He then bought the biggest Christmas goose he could find and gave it to a child stricken with polio.

According to the Torontoist, Ford formally retracted his statement in regard to Dale, saying, “Finally there was absolutely no basis for the statement I made about Mr Dale taking pictures of children, or for any insinuations I made. I should not have said what I did and I wholly retract my statements and apologize to Mr Dale without reservation for what I said."

In response, Dale announced on Twitter that he was dropping the lawsuit: “I sincerely appreciate Mayor Ford’s complete retraction and unqualified apology, and I’m very glad the truth is no longer in dispute. I won’t be taking legal action against the mayor, and I’m looking forward to getting back to work."

See? Two people were able to make peace and avoid elevating a bad situation into an even worse one. Considering how divisive Toronto politics have been for the past little while, maybe this is indicative of a change for the better! Maybe we can start actually talking to each other like people and finding common ground so that we can bridge the gap between competing ideologies and —

"Women love money. Give ‘em a couple thousand bucks and they are happy.” — Rob Ford, via the National Post

Oh Ford, what are we going to do with you?