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Dany Morin previews his fall

Continuing with my roundup of gay and
lesbian MPs at the start of the fall sitting, I spoke to the NDP's Dany Morin late last

Xtra: How did you spend your summer?

Dany Morin: It was a great summer. I loved being in
my riding all summer long to do all sorts of riding things, because obviously
in the last two months in the spring, we were so caught up in parliamentary
affairs and opening the offices – it was difficult doing both at the same time.
But as soon as I was able to get back to the riding, I was able to train my
staff and settle my riding and meet a few people that I hadn’t had the
pleasure to meet yet – some of the mayors in my riding. It was great. But
toward the end of the summer, I was looking forward to getting back to Ottawa
to shake things up, and from what I gather, it will shake a lot in the fall.

Xtra: What are you looking forward to doing
this fall?

DM: Definitely working on the health
committee. We only had one meeting last spring, and it was about the tobacco
industry, and we passed some good measures, but definitely working on the
health accord. It’ll be a good thing.

Xtra: Any other committee work you’re looking forward
to this fall?

DM: I wanted to push forward health
prevention – it’s one of the areas of health that was neglected in the past, so
we definitely need to discuss this in committee, along with the health accords.
It was one of the priorities of the health accords in 2004, but we need a new
game plan to go to the next phase.

Xtra: Anything else you’re looking forward to
this fall in terms of being in Ottawa?

DM: It’s everything as usual, which is
strange as an MP, but just routine stuff.

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