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Dany Morin recaps his fall session

Carrying on with my roundup of queer MPs, I
caught up with NDP MP Dany Morin late last week after QP.

Q: What was the highlight of the fall
session for you?

A: I did appreciate that, compared to last
spring where it was very short and very intense, I enjoyed that it was a long
stretch where on a regular basis I could ask a question on a whole variety of
subjects and with those questions and answers from the government, start to
engage in a dialogue on Facebook or on Twitter or in my householders with my
constituents. My constituents did appreciate and welcome the fact that for the
first time in a long time, their MP is reaching out to them. I’m thankful for

Q: What was your low point?

A: I was disappointed that in the polls
lately, the NDP has lost a couple of points in popular opinion, in Quebec
especially, due to the fact that the NDP was slow to react to the unilingualism
of judges or the auditor general. When I noticed that, I made sure that in my
local media, I took a proactive stance on that, but the fact is, as a party on a
national level, our answer could have been louder and quicker. But we learn
from our mistakes, and I made sure to commit that this wouldn’t happen again,
and my party fully agrees.

Q: What have you been up to on committee?

A: On the health committee, we have just
finished with chronic diseases with our elders, and now we’re starting on
prevention. During our eight weeks of chronic diseases [study], we asked our
witnesses what we could do to prevent those chronic diseases, and they pretty
much all agreed that we need prevention, because for several decades there was
no prevention in the lives of the people who suffer from these diseases. It’s
interesting, and in the first week it’s been good.

Q: And what are you planning on doing over
the holidays?

A: I don’t know when I’m going to close up
shop. I’ve been busy with so many things lately on the Hill and in my riding. Because
we have a month off from Ottawa, I would spend the time doing more brunches
with my constituents, because I make sure to be there as much as possible on
Fridays to meet with the local organizers, unions or small-business owners, but
I don’t have enough time to go one-on-one with a group of people, so it will be
interesting. Next weekend I’m having brunch with my constituents, and it’ll be
an interesting way to connect and not just through Facebook.

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