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Dany Morin talks about his first three weeks

It’s time to start my end-of-sitting (brief as it was) roundups, starting with new NDP MP Dany Morin. I spoke with Morin after question period June 21.

Q: How has it been during the past three weeks?
A: The past three weeks were great, very informative – especially the first one. Now it’s just routine days. I’ve managed to ask one or two questions a week and then transferred information on Facebook to my constituents. They’re discussing what I’m talking about, so it’s great.

Q: In terms of committee work, you’re on the health committee. Any other ones?
A: Only the health committee. Yesterday we talked about enforcing stricter regulations regarding cigarette packages, so it’s good work that we did.

Q: Any particular projects you’re looking to take on with the committee?
A: Right now, it’s too soon. It’s my first experience as a member of a committee, so I want to see how the committee works first. But I’ve asked questions and used the information that I spoke about with my constituents.

Q: Assuming we get out of here at the end of the week, what do you have planned for the summer?
A: I won’t be here in Ottawa. I will be in my riding, setting up my offices. My staff is hired, but I have to train them. Later in the summer, I’ll be at the Outgames in Vancouver, so I’m going to go back. I still need to meet a lot of people in my riding – all the mayors. I haven’t been able to meet with them since the election. As you know, we were asked back in Ottawa as soon as possible, so I still have a lot of work to do in my riding.
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