Toronto Diary
1 min

Dare you to drink the water

Coors Light has gotten personal with a targetted ad campaign in BC touting that their beer is “colder than most people from Toronto.” Uh, catchy.

Of course, now that summer’s finally arrived, I’m sure most Torontonians would love to feel cold again, if only briefly. But you can always buy into the city’s latest attempt to convince us that Lake Ontario is safe for swimming again. Look, even Hanlan’s Point’s got a blue flag!

Of course, if you’re still not convinced that the Lake is safe for swimming, you can always take it up with your city Councillor, Kyle Rae. Er, uh, wait, Rae’s on a six-week long (paid) vacation, and is not returning phone calls. So, if you’re wondering, now’s the time to start campaigning for the Toronto Centre-Rosedale ward in next year’s municipal election.