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Darlene Love thy enemy

Uh-oh — so much holiday shopping to do but today, I'm on my huffy bike:

Gay activists are understandably annoyed that Ottawa is stalling on its support of the UN declaration to end legal discrimination against gay people but really, aren't we always annoyed?  C'mon people, it's Christmas — a time of peace on earth, good will to all men. Shouldn't we be fair and consider the other side for once?

Well let's see: Dave Quist, executive director of the
Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, insists, "The UN shouldn’t be unilaterally attempting to change the laws of a
sovereign country," while the Vatican fears that such worldwide affirmation will lead to "reverse discrimination" against straight marriages.

Does any of that make sense?  We have to let fundamentalist countries keep jailing or executing homosexuals because, if not, the gays will pick on married couples? Is our teasing really more cruel than this?  And why is it right-wingers are so concerned about the laws of sovereign nations when it comes to gays and not, let's say, oil?

Meanwhile, Melissa Etheridge's girlfriend says we shouldn't be so upset over Barack Obama honouring Rick Warren at his upcoming inauguration.  Sure, his church judges gay people but in person, he's really sweet!  Mind you, guys like Warren are always nicer to cute blonde lesbians than they are to guys like me (go figure). Instead, we get crap like this:

You see, the big story this weekend is that the gang who led the fight to stop gay marriage in California are now — surprise, surprisefighting to invalidate the 18,000 marriages that were already performed this year. Sorry Mr. Sulu, sorry Ellen, it's quickie-divorce time for you!

And, weirdest of all, the legal group will be led by Kenneth Starr, who famously spent $70 million sniffing through Bill Clinton's underwear drawer. Having that guy back this week is like sitting at Christmas dinner next to your Bible-quoting uncle who gets handsy after too much egg nog (shudder).

This kind of thing will go on and on because Christian fundamentalists have always been terrified that gay people will "recruit" their children — which makes the popularity of the "baby preacher" video especially ironic:

It's the big Christmas question: how are we supposed to reason or compromise with people who hate homosexuality and want to cure us of it? No amount of peacemaking from Barack or Melissa will change that. Me, I wish they'd listen to our lovely friend Ian McKellen, who says:

"I'm not often convinced I'm right but practically everything I've said
on gay rights, I know I'm right. I know better than the people who are
telling me I'm wrong."

I love that man. And that's what it's all about.


Darlene Love!