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David LaChapelle confesses

In an intimate interview with The New York Times, pop-art photographer and director David LaChapelle confesses that he thought he was dying of AIDS for 15 years. LaChapelle, who was living in New York City during the '80s at the start of the AIDS epidemic, told the newspaper, "I never got tested, and for 15 years I just assumed I was going to die." He lived with a chronic fear that he was HIV-positive, rendering him incapable of being tested. When he finally overcame his phobia, his results were negative. "It was luck of the draw, really," he said. "I was 15 back then and in New York and having sex."

How many of you can relate? I know I can. Funnily enough, I was at HiM (Health Initiative for Men) waiting to get tested when I first saw Sean Horlor's column advertising for his replacement. Sometimes I think God was rewarding me for facing my fears by making my jaded NY ass pick up Xtra for the first time.

I was nervous as hell about getting tested, but it was painless. Everyone at the clinic was friendly and laid back. The rapid test takes a couple minutes, literally, and then you immediately get your results (and any support you might need).

Knowing your status is the cure, so get tested, you little shitz! 

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