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David Warren’s “In Defence of Real Sex”

The Ottawa Citizen hosts a column by David Warren three days a week. 

Yesterday's column, "In Defence of Real Sex," is proof that the newspaper needs — no, aches for — younger, more flexible minds.

The article is all over the place: talking about the censored Science & Technology Museum exhibition on sexuality; his personal Christian belief system; the Greek god Eros and his personal take on eroticism; pornography; and a whole bunch of other scattered, somehow meshed together ideas to prove his personal perspective. What is it, you ask? It eludes me slightly, probably because when arguments are laid down, I assume they will be done in logical sequence, based on well-grounded research — such is not the case for Mr Warren's article. 

Still, we can deduce what he's trying to prove: "real" sex is not "pornography." Real sex is biblical and moral. 

A note to the Ottawa Citizen — I believe Mr Warren is secretly working for the Sun


A photo of Warren. It's because of people like him that the Science and Tech Museum's educational exhibition on sexuality is censored, or maybe he's just trying to brown-nose with those who censored it in the first place?

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