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Davie BIA on verge of expansion

The Davie Village Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) will be one step closer to the creation of a larger West End BIA after a Sep 28 DVBIA board vote.

The proposed West End BIA would include the Davie Village, plus businesses on lower Davie, Denman and lower Robson streets, which aren’t currently covered by existing BIAs.

The DVBIA had its fifth outreach meeting with merchants on Sep 12, exceeding the minimum three meetings required by the city. It also held an open house, and a series of breakfast and dinner meetings in June.

“For the most part we’ve had a very positive response from stakeholders and the community,” says Davie Village BIA executive director Lyn Hellyar.

If all goes as planned, after reviewing the BIA proposal, the city will hold a vote and the expansion will proceed if at least 30 percent of landowners and businesses support the plan. The city will consider any abstentions as votes in favour of expansion.

Some Davie Village merchants have expressed concerns that a larger BIA could dilute the queer identity of the Davie Village. But the DVBIA has reassured its current members that the queer character of the Village will be preserved and encouraged.

“We recognize the value of the characteristics of the various retail regions within the West End and seek to preserve and enhance the unique elements that make the West End such an inclusive and vibrant business community,” reads a pamphlet sent to merchants in the proposed BIA region.

As well as a larger operating budget, an enlarged BIA may carry the benefits of a louder voice with the city on issues like safety and security, tourism, and zoning, say supporters of the plan.