Toronto Diary
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“D’AWWW!” Moment of the Day: Kid Planet does Pride

As an adult, you tend to take Pride for granted a bit. Toronto is one of the most pro-gay cities out there, there's a thriving gay neighbourhood, and you can quite literally walk down the street in a leather jockstrap and not hear a single word out of anyone.

But gay kids, who are aware of their orientation but have little to no means to actually connect with people like themselves, do get it the roughest. Hell, look at the debate on GSAs in Catholic schools: they can't even get together with their straight friends to celebrate their differences.

So when someone sent in this display window from Planet Kid, decked out in rainbows for Pride, I'll admit it made me go all "D'awwww!" What? It's cute! And it's nice to see people embracing LGBT kids. Admit it: you would have loved a pro-gay toy store growing up. That would have been kinda cool, wouldn't it?