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Day 2: A day of challenges

Flooded tents, cold and wet sleeping bags

What a crazy night July 28, as a massive thunderstorm moved through the area. Flooded tents, bins and tents blown over, cold and wet sleeping bags. But the next day cyclists trudged on and biked 130 kilometres to the next camp. Unbelievable determination! Here’s a collection of smiling faces as people coped with the weather. 

Louis-Phillipe gives riders the thumbs up as hey arrive in Prescott. 

Rob Veniot peddling on is cold and rainy day yet still smiling! 

Raindrops and roses… Hmmm isn’t there a song about is in the Sound of Music? 

Carey Heeney’s yearly “rock shot"

Ryan using his musical skills to cheer on riders

Safety first when crossing a particularly nasty railroad crossing 

This weathervane seems to keep pointing towards the rain!

Suzanna and Courtney holding it together on a particularly cold and wet morning (guess who was riding and who was crew… In a warm van!)

Former president of Toronto PFLAG, Irene Miller, cheers on riders. 

Selfie time with Tom Spence