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Day of protest against Prop 8

Ottawa rally draws small crowd, despite rain

Gay marriage advocates across Canada took part in a day of action on Nov 15 against California’s Prop 8, which banned same-sex marriages in that state.

In Ottawa (shown above), a small group gathered at the Human Rights Monument to “show support for our US neighbours,” said organizer Charles Cooper. As of Nov 15, 370 people had joined the Facebook group Ottawa against Prop 8, but turnout to the rally was lower — about two dozen protestors as of 1:30pm. The weather in Ottawa was poor, about 10 degrees with heavy rain. The group, organized through Facebook only days ago, planned to march a few blocks to the United States Embassy.

Rallies were also planned for a handful of other Canadian cities, including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

The day of action follows almost two weeks of protests across the US, since California voted in favour of Prop 8 on Nov 4. Organizers of Join the Impact say rallies were planned in every state for the Nov 15 national protest.

Did you attend a rally against Prop 8 on Nov 15? Why or why not? Share your thoughts and links to pictures or videos.