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Day of the Hot Italian Cops

In hopes of moving Italy closer to the rest of the EU in dismantling "absurd and still pervasive macho taboos," a new activist group for Italian gay police officers called Polis Aperta will hold its first meeting in two weeks. One supporter says, "It's time to go beyond the stereotypical view that gays can only be make-up artists or hairdressers." It's a nice sentiment but not quite true:  hot Italian cops have been a popular gay stereotype for decades now!

The old Saturday Night Live catchphrase "Jane, you ignorant slut!" seems tailor-made for AIDS researcher Mark A. Wainberg as he and playwright Sky Gilbert went all "point/counterpoint" in The Globe and Mail this weekend.

There was a big focus on Britney Spears last night at the MTV Video Music Awards and, depending on who you listen to, her brief, non-singing appearance was either "lackluster" or "fantastic." She's just a blonde, trashy Rorschach test, that Britney.

Provocative UK columnist and feminist Julie Burchill takes on the sacred link between gay men and straight women and the entire fashion industry while she's at it. That is one gutsy woman: Gok Wan is assembling his velvet mafia hitmen right now!