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Day tripper: Come clean

All-day style essentials to make the most of summer

Credit: May Truong

Summer, is that you? You’ve been making some cameos, but please stay for the rest of the party! Summer in Toronto means being out for the whole day, being sure to absorb every last bit of sun before we lose it again. You can go from poolside drinks or an island trek to dinner on your favourite patio with no time to go home in between. I’ve rounded up some key tips and accessories to make sure you’re prepared to do it all. 

Come clean

1. World Tour tote bag, Stüssy and Herschel, $75. Stüssy, 1000 Queen St W

2. Backley cap, Carhartt Work in Progress, $45. Nomad, 819 Queen St W

3. S/S Great Lakes linen shirt, Roots (draped over bag), $68. Roots locations 

4. Jacket (in pouch), K-way, $55. k-way.ca

5. Beach towels, Hudson’s Bay, $40. North Standard Trading Post, 1662 Queen St W

6. Sunglasses, Sheriff & Cherry, $145. kavut.com

7. Jun-Ka cardholder, $80. info@jun-ka.com

8. Arrowhead swim trunks, Bather. $85. Nomad

9. Slip-on sneakers, Vans, $65. Get Outside, 3456 Yonge St

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