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DC Comic unveils their first intersex character

DC Comics is on kind of a roll, aren’t they? Earlier this year, they unveiled their new, openly gay Green Lantern, marking the first time one of their flagship heroes was an LGBT person, and now they’ve outed their first intersex character.

Ystina, also known as Shining Knight, originally debuted in the 2005 series Seven Soldiers and since then has come out about their status as someone who is both man and woman.

DC Comics took another step towards a more diverse universe when the character Shining Knight was outed as the company’s first intersex character earlier this week in Demon Knights #14.

I had the pleasure of interviewing DC Comics co-publisher Dan Didio last year for when the company rebooted its entire universe and announced several LGBT characters would be spotlighted in DC’s new line of comics. At the time, Didio said he wanted to push for a more diverse universe that included people from across the LGBT spectrum and the company has certainly taken steps over the past year to do just that. It’s wonderful to see DC hasn’t stopped at the inclusion of a token character or two and is continuing their crusade for characters who represent people from all walks of life. [Source

Granted, Ystina been around for seven years now, so the fact that Ystina is non-binary is rather apparent at this point. Still, the fact that they’ve gotten to the point where Ystina can come out as such is a pretty welcoming change of pace. 

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