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Debbie Reynolds on her gay Hollywood boyfriends and Liz Taylor

Photo: Debbie Reynolds, far right, with Elizabeth Taylor and the husband they shared, Eddie Fisher. 

In a new interview with The Telegraph, 82-year-old Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds is more candid than ever. She says that many leading men in Hollywood were gay during her time and probably still are, thinks that Clooney has some Old Hollywood glamour but that Brad Pitt gave it all up for Angelina Jolie, and reveals how even when she stole your husband, Elizabeth Taylor “wasn’t the kind of girl you should hate.”

On how everyone she dated was gay: Everyone I dated was gay. Everyone except Robert Wagner. Because otherwise they wouldn’t be hired. Women don’t want to go and see a new movie with a gorgeous looking guy who kisses men. Rock [Hudson] was a close friend, he was gay but he didn’t dare come out so he married his agent’s secretary just to cover it up. He never lived with her and they paid her. Of course it still goes on. Now who’s to say there’s anything wrong with that?

On the “old days” vs hip hop: In the old days you were really married to the studio — the studio was the supreme boss . . . Back then you really had nothing to say as an actress. Your job was simply to become an all round accomplished performer. So I had to learn about “phrasing” and how to breathe correctly and I danced so much that my feet bled. Mind you it wasn’t anything like that modern stuff they call hip hop. I’m not a fan of that because I do feel that young people get injured when they spin on their heads. Not that Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire had to worry about that. They knew acrobatics.

On Elizabeth Taylor: Elizabeth was funny and bawdy and loud. She had to marry whomever she wanted to be with. She wanted it to be a conquest. She was absolutely determined not to be the loser and you know what? She never was. I don’t know any man who was able to resist her. . . Elizabeth wasn’t the kind of girl you should hate. She truly was a loving and giving person. You just had to make sure you kept your husband in the garage if ever she came to visit.