Toronto Diary
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Debunking the silly Gay-Friendliness Index of World Cities

Torontoist debunks a report that ranks Toronto a paltry 44th on a global index of gay-friendliness. The, let’s face it, silly report ranks Toronto behind such known queer hotspots as Montevideo, Rome, Quito, San Jose, Phnom Penh, and Panama City — all of which also outrank London (UK), New York, and Los Angeles.
A very contrite Margaret Atwood has now decided she will participate — via video conference — in a Dubai book festival after falsely accusing it of censorship related to a queer-themed book.
And The Toronto Star is all agog over the exposed, and likely digitally enhanced, genitalia of Billy Crudup, playing Doc Manhattan in the upcoming Watchmen movie, to be released next week.