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Deckchairs on the Titanic – err, I mean cabinet shuffled

He came, he shuffled, he left. That’s right – ten cabinet ministers and minsters of state have new portfolios. And oh look – once again, women are under-represented. And there were demotions – Lisa Raitt for dropping the ball on the Chalk River file (and good luck with that hot potato, Christian Paradis), and Diane Ablonczy for giving tourism funding to Toronto Pride. (Not that anyone will admit that, but you know it’s true). And they’re all “Oh, we just want to give Lisa Raitt more government experience,” and “Giving Diane Ablonczy Minister of State for Seniors is totally a step up because it’s a growing field.” Uh huh. I believe that.

Michael Ignatieff, by the way, referred to said cabinet as “little puppets,” while Jack Layton was indignant that Labour is referred to as a junior portfolio.

Incidentally, sometime around the power outage on the Hill, Ignatieff revealed his party’s Canada 150 conference, which is what they’re dubbing the policy convention they’re having in Montreal at the end of March – what do they need to do before Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017?

But then there’s the logo:

Doesn’t it look a bit…gay? The Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt says that she was told the colours were to put people in mind of some stained glass in Montreal (with the prominent Liberal red) and in a forward-thinking direction. But, um, yeah – it does look pretty gay. (Does this mean that we’re taking over? Just wondering).

Meanwhile, as one of his final acts as Public Safety Minister, Peter Van Loan appointed an Ontario Progressive Conservative loyalist to the interim chair of the RCMP Complaints Commission. Not to be outdone, the Liberals are inviting the recently fired commissioner, along with the recently fired chair of the Military Police Complaints Commission and the fired head of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to participate in their roundtable on democratic governance next week. That could make for a very interesting session.
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