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Deep Dish: Starry Night

Thurs, June 27 @ The 519

Credit: Rolyn Chambers

“Ready or not, here I come!” Premature ejaculation? No, silly, we’re playing a game of hide-and-seek at this year’s Starry Night Pride kickoff party in Cawthra Park. It’s the perfect spot. Lots of trees, bushes, monuments and people to hide behind. And when we thought we had found someone, it turns out to be someone else, as many who turn up to raise money for the 519 Community Centre are sporting wigs for the Love Is in the Hair theme, in honour of guest DJ Lady Bunny, who spins a lot of top 40 for a drag queen in her 50s. Also making appearances on the stage are Tynomi Banks, fully rocking a blonde Beyoncé/Mariah wig, and Sofonda, whose wig is so big it’s actually a stuffed lion head. “I never miss this party,” says TV personality Traci Melchor. “Warm weather, hot guys, drinks. Perfect.” And even though things don’t start off perfectly, what with her drag luggage being lost in transit, RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon makes the most of her much-anticipated appearance, singing two songs live. I’ve never actually seen the show (yes, you can confiscate my gay card), but her singing voice impresses and her animated speaking voice amuses. Hide-and-seek turns into drink-and-leak. Is that really the lineup for the Porta-Potty?

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