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Deep Dish Toronto

This week Rolyn does a Drag Race viewing-party barhop and pops in at Fashion Week

Sofonda, Christof, Chris, 
John-Paul & Naomi Credit: Rolyn Chambers

RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing-party barhop, Mon, March 24 @ 8th Deadly Sin, Pegasus, O’Grady’s, Crews

Shhhh. I have a secret: I’ve never watched an entire episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I humbly hand over my Gay Camp Card. But after the Drag Race viewing-party barhop I orchestrated last Monday, I think I’ve earned it back. It starts at 8th Deadly Sin, for Rupaul Untucked, where host Daytona Bitch is filling in for Scarlett Bobo (who is en route from her monthly New York gig). Gorging on perogies, we choke back laughter at the action on the flat screens, taking breaks every so often to slurp back drinks and stare at the delicious rump roast belonging to the bartender. Forty-five minutes later, we click our heels over to Pegasus, where the size of the crowd blows us away. Barbie Jo Bontemps and Michael Ain are holding court, giving away Mill Street paraphernalia to raffle-ticket holders, some of whom are busy sliding Pizza Nova slices down their throats. Half an hour later, we run screaming into O’Grady’s, where Sofonda and the cast of Chicago (here on a short Toronto run at Mirvish) sit casually cocktailing and critiquing. It’s a bit quieter here (they started their weekly viewing party a few weeks late because someone didn’t know how to hook up their TVs or something). Finally, stumbling next door to Crews, we catch Scarlett Bobo (who finally makes it back to Toronto) and Daytona Bitch (who finally makes it over from 8th Deadly Sin) performing for a group of rowdy revellers who attempt to compete in a messy drag race of their own. The nails are out and fur is flying.

Farley Chatto runway show: World MasterCard Fashion Week, Thurs, March 20 @ Pecaut Square

Shhhh. I have a secret: I don’t really follow fashion. I humbly hand over my Gay Credit Card. But considering that I know many a designer and have bedded many a model, I expect to get it back. One such designer whose bold, colourful style I love is Farley Chatto. It’s been years since he’s shown off his talents by gracing fashion lovers with a runway show at Toronto Fashion Week. But this year, he’s come out of hibernation alongside some of the animals he’s been sharing a warm cave with. He returns with a bang and a growl and a mega-presentation of functional pimped-out furs for his fall/winter 2014 line — which would make Nanook of the North do a double take. He’s cut chinchilla, beaver and mink pelts for both men and women (the fantastic Stacey McKenzie closes the show), and his menswear line (models include Alex Doomas and the legendary Paul Mason) runs from chunky, cinched bomber jackets suitable for log-chomping to sleek, fitted silhouettes perfect for a night at the opera. Front-row watchers include Glen Baxter; the dynamic Dixon duo, Glen and David; and my two favourite interior designers, Colin and Justin. My thoughts on fur? We’re all animals. It’s called a food chain for a reason, and we’re at the top. But, when the aliens come to eat our meat and wear our flesh, I hope to be made into a high-waisted evening dress for an interterrestrial drag queen.