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Define Me

New artist Ryan Amador strips it bare for his single

Ryan Amador Ryan Amador

One of fans' favourite moments from America's Next Top Model was when Tyra had her contestants pose nude, with hateful slurs they've been called written on their bodies. It was fairly ham-fisted, a common theme with the show, but it was one of those rare moments in reality television that resonated with a lot of viewers.

Ryan Amador takes the concept and makes it his own with the single “Define Me,” from his self-titled debut album. Featuring Jo Lampert from Avan Lava, the video features Amador and Lampert stripping down to reveal the hateful gay slurs etched on their bodies.

The video is pitch perfect with the simple piano ballad: raw, bare bones, but beautiful in its execution. Amador himself has a wonderful range to his voice. Even without the visuals, it's easy to tell the song means a lot to him and, hopefully, the hundreds of thousands of viewers the song has garnered on YouTube so far.

And, beyond all that, he's pretty easy on the eyes, too. Give it a listen above, and if you like what you hear, you can download his album (and hear more of his pretty, pretty voice) on