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Democratic meltdown in Calgary West

Remember how the Conservative party was going to be all about grassroots democracy, and not having the party’s central office dominate the riding contests, and so on? Well, so much for that. It seems there’s been a bit of a meltdown in the riding of Calgary West, home to star Conservative Rob Anders. After a portion of the riding wanted a nomination contest in order to oust Anders (something some have been trying to do for years), the national party clamped down and said that no, they couldn’t run a nomination contest. There were also shenanigans where they wouldn’t let the riding executive see membership lists, and so on, and lo – the riding president resigned in protest. And what does Anders and the national office say? That it was just a bunch of Liberals trying to interfere. Seriously guys? That’s undemocratic behaviour, and it’s saying that the riding association can’t control their own membership or their own candidate. So not cool.

There’s been a bit more chaos with our friends at the Canadian Border Services Agency lately. It seems that they’re waving through certain people at the borders despite having knowledge that they may be involved in organised crime, but because the information comes from CSIS, they don’t want to face any legal hurdles if they get challenged. Um, right – but they still need to stop queer films at the border because they’re the real danger to public safety in this country. Seriously?

With news that openly gay Toronto mayoral candidate (and former Ontario deputy premier) George Smitherman and his husband are in the process of adopting a baby boy, people are already questioning if he’d have time to be mayor with a new baby. Erm, would anyone dare to ask this question to any woman running for office in this day and age? Then how is this any different? Exactly. Carry on.

Up today – the Prime Minister is off to Haiti to… Um, well, I’m not sure what he’s going there for, other than to stage a few photo ops of him looking concerned. Because you know, that’s what Haiti really needs right now. And didn’t he prorogue Parliament so that Canadians could focus on the Olympics? Doesn’t this trip mean he’s not focusing? Why does the Prime Minister hate our athletes?
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