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Dermis Valentine’s Day contest winner

Winner gets $200 at Dermis Advanced Skin Care

In the Jan 30 issue of Capital Xtra, we announced a contest to win $200 at Dermis Advanced Skin Care. We asked readers to send entries explaining why they or someone they know deserves a little pampering this Valentine’s Day.

Lucy Chapman wrote to us about Marie Robertson:

I am writing to nominate my fabulous femme for your skincare contest. Marie is the most hardworking woman I have ever met. She runs a full-time counselling practice, but also gives so much to our community that she has often been referred to as a “professional queer community volunteer.” Between her volunteer work at Bruce House and her steering committee duties with LIX (the Lesbian Information Xchange), she also participates in fundraising and gives workshops for various community groups. On top of all this, Marie is an adoptive mom to “the most energetic child on earth”! Please pamper this amazing woman!!