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Destineak – “Gimme What I Came For” – filming at Odyssey Fri Oct 17

What do Destineak aka Vancouver's hottest up-and-coming electronic duo…

and the Odyssey:

have in common this Friday? (Oct 17)

Glad you like asking me questions that probably have never actually crossed your mind until now (no really I am…that's why I love you so much, loyal Up Your Alley reader)…

All this suspense is killing me…so read the poster already:

Both Christina Sing and Bobby James from Destineak have been having quite the back and forth this week, filling my ear with all kinds of sweet fabulous somthings. They have some sort of magical chemistry, boys and girls, that make them exciting to talk to EVEN OVER EMAIL. How fucked is that?

Here's a little background on these two:

is electro-funk-rock slammed to the masses by two crafty songwriters,
vying for global spotlights. Drums and vocals dishing out calculated
fresh noise, filling every dance floor they encounter.  A punk rock
drummer who has toured with the likes of Kid Rock, The Scorpions and
Metallica, Bobby James uses all of his industry knowledge and
experience to fuel his addiction to trance and house beats.  His
one-man show “Drumattic”- an amalgamation of soundtrack, visuals and
live drumming, has been pleasing crowds in Canada for the last 10
years.  But Bobby James’ real vision of rocking the world with dance
anthems has become a reality with the introduction of Christina Sing. 
Best known for her two worldwide releases “Every Player’s Dream” (on
Village Recordings) and “S’more” (Transport Records) under her maiden
name Christina Nguyen (produced by Sean Dimitrie), Christina Sing has
been recording and performing house music since the mid 90’s.  With her
rich husky timbre and amazing range she has proved herself to be one of
Canada’s most diverse and soulful vocal talents.  Destineak has been a
staple in the Vancouver Gay scene, having been showcased at events such
as Rapture, The Red Dress Ball, Vancouver Gay Ski Week, the Vancouver
Gay Pride Parade (4 consecutive years), and at weekly residencies at
the Odyssey Nightclub.
  With the upcoming release of their debut album in early 2009, these two have new mantra for the underground dance music scene:  “We are coming up and at you LOUD-listen up!”  Destineak: a unique destination.

For the record, I will be attending the video shoot with a photographer from Xtra West (John Inch) and a couple hot friends of mine (Rob and Miguel) so make sure to check out my print column on Oct 22 for details.

I have a confession: I will pretty much do ANYTHING to get in the new Destineak music video. And by "ANYTHING", I mean "THERE ARE SOME THINGS I WON'T ACTUALLY DO TO BE IN THE VIDEO" – that said, I'm pretty excited to go. If I end up taking off my shirt and/or pants, it won't be the first time.

On another note, between speaking with Destineak and a recent interview with Peter Breeze, I'm beginning to realize that Vancouver has some pretty wicked musical talent despite the Nicklebacks and SoulDecisions of the not-to-distant past. Make sure check out these Destineak links: