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Destroying the records out of spite

The bill to scrap the long-gun registry is
now on the table, and within it is a clause to destroy any of the existing
records. And yes, it is partially out of spite (wrapped up in privacy concerns), so that a new registry couldn't immediately or easily be created in the event a different party forms
government. Of course, it undermines the main purpose of the registry, which is
an investigative tool that ensures accountability for gun owners, allowing
police to track a weapon’s history should it be stolen or used inappropriately.
But hey, since when were facts or evidence important in policy decisions under
this government. (And no, don’t expect to hear much from the NDP on this issue,
since their caucus is divided and they don’t want to draw attention to that

Given the constant attacks on the F-35
fighter procurement on its technical merits (and sole-source nature), the
government is trying to change the channel by showcasing its industrial
benefits. Look! Shiny!

The Public Service Commission is investigating whether former Conservative candidates were indeed improperly
hired by ACOA.

Currently only one in six convictions for
growing pot results in a jail sentence. Expect that number to rise
dramatically with new mandatory minimums under the omnibus crime bill.

New NDP House Leader Joe Comartin is frustrated with government non-answers and deteriorating decorum in the House
and wants to put forward a private member's bill to do something about it. Will this one see the light of day?

Thomas Mulcair says he’s been getting a bad
, and that he’s really nothing like how his opponents are painting him.

Bob Dechert may be in trouble again after
making reference to “you know who dominates the United Nations” at a Coptic
Christian event (after a bizarre and klassy microphone tussle with Liberal Jim
Karygiannis). The foreign affairs minister’s press secretary assures us this
was in reference to countries with a poor human rights record. Sure . . . 

Hey, everyone – David Anderson is totally sorry for
posting the video with the “talking Eskimo” insult on his website.

And we’d better get used to seeing the
B-team on the front benches of the government for the next few weeks – Harper
is on his way to Australia for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting
this weekend; then he’s off to France for the G20, home for a quick change of
laundry (I believe the House will be on a constituency week then, anyway, for Remembrance
Day) before flying to Honolulu for the Asia-Pacific summit.

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