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Diamond Jubilee roundup

As part of the festivities kicking off the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations today, here is a message from His Excellency, the governor general.

To mark the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee, 60 Canadians were presented with the Diamond Jubilee Medal this morning to mark their commitment to service. All MPs also were awarded medals, but six Quebec MPs – four Bloc and two NDP – returned them, ostensibly to protest the cost.

The prime minister honours those medal recipients here.

A Diamond Jubilee message was also sent from Bob Rae on behalf of the Liberals. Nothing from the NDP or the Greens.

The Queen’s flag was raised on Parliament Hill, along with a pair of the Diamond Jubilee flags. (Here’s a photo from the flag raising.)

Here’s a cool video piece about the Diamond Jubilee stained glass window installed in the Senate foyer.

Of course, the popularity of Her Majesty continues to dog the republicans in this country and keep their movement in a holding pattern.

And, not to be left out, here is Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee message, reaffirming her own commitment to service.

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