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Dick and drama in 2010

Speaking of naked celebrities, NYC nightlife genius Daniel Nardicio reinvented Playgirl (the magazine "for women" -- yeah right) with a slew of famous fannies, including Skid Row drummer Phil Varone (pictured). Credit: Playgirl

Reading the porn blogs and news websites, you might be forgiven for thinking 2010 was a year of some pretty intense drama in the world of gay porn. But I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now, and that’s long enough to know that every year is filled with drama after crisis after scandal.

One of the saddest news stories involved popular power-bottom Mason Wyler’s confirmation that he was HIV-positive, after a Twitter-war with a former roommate revealed the news. Mason accepted responsibility for his own actions and remains one of very few openly HIV-positive pornstars.

A few months later, the straight side of the industry ground to a halt over news that a male star had tested positive. Derek Chambers, who had performed in both gay and straight scenes, later outed himself as the man in question and demanded all porn use condoms. That’s great, I entirely agree, but the fact that he claims he was infected on a gay set — a set on which condoms were used — makes his story a little inconsistent, not to mention indicative of the surprising occasional homophobia of the straight porn world.

I’ve always thought the gays were a non-violent lot, but at least two high-profile gay porn couples broke up over fisticuffs. Aden Jaric was arrested after a bust-up with his partner, Jordan, during a joint nightclub appearance. Ex-Big Brother star Steven Daigle ended up in a similar situation in West Hollywood. Neither couple is together anymore, although oddly, arrestees Jaric and Daigle later filmed a scene for Falcon Studios.

Speaking of naked celebrities, NYC nightlife genius Daniel Nardicio reinvented Playgirl (the magazine “for women” — yeah right) with a slew of famous fannies. There was Levi Johnston, of course, followed by gay model Ronnie Kroell. The latest celeb to strip is Skid Row drummer Phil Varone. And let me tell you, none of them have any reason to be shy.

Meanwhile, reality TV stars continue to grab a few extra minutes of fame by whacking it out for the camera — Real World: Sydney’s Dunbar, BB’s Brandon Villegas and James Rhine, and Dancing on Ice’s Stuart Widdall (aka Trey Thornton) have all either been caught out on webcams or have filmed full-on hardcore scenes.

And in case you think there was nothing but drama and scandal in 2010, don’t forget the hundreds of totally hot scenes and movies these guys work hard, night and day, to produce for you. Here’s to hundreds more in 2011.